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Vans Fog Era

Vans Fog Era

Vans Fog Era

Vans Fog Era

can you do?"

It's important to do it right, Nou stressed. As her mother always told her, "When you do it, do it correctly. If you're not going to do it correctly, go to (the Christian) church."

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"My generation, we still keep the tradition," Nou Lee said. "The kids are not interested. I think we're losing the culture and the religion. It's not OK, but what Vans Olive Green

Vans Fog Era

Vans Fog Era

Nou Lee said she understands the need to change some cultural norms. Hmong culture is especially restrictive for girls, she said. When she was in high school in Minnesota, her parents expected her to come straight home and cook for the family. They insisted she live at home during college.

Vans Fog Era

Vans Fog Era

"It's confusing," said Nou's older son, Shong Lee. "There are a lot of steps and a lot of rules."

The Lees' children, ages 20, 19 and 17, like most Hmong Americans their age, are more likely to be at the bowling alley or soccer field than learning traditional music or dance, they said.

The oral tradition must be learned by doing, Nou explained. The children don't have the time or interest to Skechers Cleats

Vans Fog Era

Yet she and other parents wonder who will fulfill Hmong religious obligations if the young people don't learn how. The Lees follow the shamanistic religion of their ancestors, with its complicated rules for communicating with spirits, offering appropriate sacrifices and drumming the dead into the next life.

Nou said she is trying to "blend" cultures and hopes to offer her daughter more opportunity and freedom than she had.

The 39 year old and her husband, Tou, are leaders in the Hmong Vans Fog Era community in Northwest Arkansas. Tou helped start the nonprofit Hmong Association shortly after they moved here in 2002. A goal is to promote Hmong heritage by teaching Hmong language and cultural traditions.

"There's a traditional values script, and we aren't going by it," said Lee's daughter in law, Pa Lee. "We got involved with our American culture. . Freedom's a high priority of ours."

Vans Fog Era

and they don't share their parents' belief in its effectiveness.

Today her daughter, Adora Lee, lives on campus at Northeastern State University in Talequah, Okla. Like the other children, she helps tend the family's 10 acre market garden when she's home.

Vans Fog Era

´╗┐Struggling To Preserve Cultural Traditions

Vans Fog Era

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