Getting cut can be scary. While it is likely the recipient of the cut did not premeditate the occurrence, it is easy to become panicked and rush off to the emergency room to seek professional care, and this is always followed with an expensive bill. By staying calm, anyone can determine whether stitches are going to be necessary or if a band aid will sufficiently heal the wound.

First and foremost, it is very important to first clean the cut. Not only does this clear out bacteria that could lead to an infection, but it will also reveal the severity. A great way to do this is to apply pressure with anti-bacterial soap to cleanse while simultaneously stopping bleeding.

Once the bleeding has stopped, assess the length of the cut. Anything over an inch should receive medical attention. There are exceptions. For example, if a cut less than an inch is located on a joint such as the elbow, stitches may be a good idea as bending the arm can cause the cut to reopen.

Finally, if the wound resulted in a piece of hanging skin, stitches are most likely necessary. By following these guidelines, wounded individuals can avoid unnecessary medical bills.